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Start and manage an E-circle Withdrawal Point Network or a Circular Coop. You can start your new business in three different ways, depending on your initial situation: Private, Manufacturer or a Store owner. You can reinvest part of the income to expand your activities.

You are a private or you manage a FoodCoop

You can start by creating a FoodCoop, or if you already manage one, managing it through this portal. You will be able to apply a markup to products and invest it in your new business.

You are a Manufacturer

You can start by activating an E-commerce, proposing your products to the FoodCoops and maybe activating one yourself and starting to cooperate with other producers in your area.

You own a Store

You can start by expanding the business of your shop by starting to sell online, delivering to your home, activating a FoodCoop, and making it more Circular by adding new eco-sustainable services.