Kosmos wardrobe sliding doors cm202xh250 / 2

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Kosmos wardrobe sliding doors cm202xh250 / 2

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ARTIMESTIERI O.N.L.U.S. cooperativa sociale

Via San Mauro 12, 12012 Boves (CN) - Italia


Product description

Manufactured 100% in Italy

KOSMOS wardrobe with 2 sliding doors with doors with wooden paneling or cloth (various colors available) 202 x H 250 cm, depth 65 cm Surface facade 5 sq.m.
L 'locker KOSMOS, is representative of our best results in technique and style: the joints are all wood and sliding doors allow optimum utilization of the space environment.
The structure is made entirely of solid wood Beech, maple, fir ... (backs and internal plans are in local poplar and fir).
The paneling of the doors can be: - bamboo (of which you can choose the color)
- Wood like structure,
- Cloth (various colors available),
- Glass, or customizing it with different panels ...
The finish is made with oil and wax.
The Kosmos cabinet comes with supplied hangers AND PLANS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE

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