Ergonomic pillow to bed TROLL cervical kapok

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Ergonomic pillow to bed TROLL cervical kapok

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ARTIMESTIERI O.N.L.U.S. cooperativa sociale

Via San Mauro 12, 12012 Boves (CN) - Italia


Product description

PILLOW TROLL 38x64x19 cm, is a newly designed pillow can be used both as a lumbar roll or as ergonomic pillow for those suffering from cervical.
Its special shape provides adequate support to the spine in the neck area, supporting difficult to achieve with normal pillows.
It is a soft, breathable cushion, covered in pure untreated cotton canvas.
The padding is made of kapok, a pure vegetable fiber to 100%, also called cotton wool of the Indies.
The capsule of the fruit you get thin filaments and cables that allow a good aeration and water-repellent.
It 'a lightweight material that retains a remarkable softness, remains elastic for a long time without interweaving or knotting, and does not favor the proliferation of mites.

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