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Kaki Bio Box 5 kg

Kaki Bio Box 5 kg

€ 3,50

Quantity: 5 Kilograms

Price per Kg: € 0,70

Not available

Minimum order: 1 Pc (5 Kg)

Minimum order for Foodcoopers: 1 Pc (5 Kg)

Manufactured by

Azienda agricola Bartoletti

The company has self-certified their ethics Supplier of BG registered in Organic certification, environmental, origin, etc.
Via Rubicone 4404 - Loc. Macerone, 47521 Cesena (FC) - Italia


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Manufactured 100% in Italy

Kaki from organic production medium-small size (to ripen them put them in a bag with red apples) they can be kept hard for up to 2 months as long as they are not put in the same environment where the apples are stored and are not too hot

Company certificates

Soil & Health Association 

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Fiore della Vita - Cesena (FC)

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