Christmas 2013 BAG JUTA (printed to rust) + products

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Christmas 2013 BAG JUTA (printed to rust) + products

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Manufactured by

Azienda Agricola Pala Luca

Via Ca Rio 7/a, 61020 Tavoleto (PU) - Italia

Product description

1 GR500 acacia honey, flower honey 1 500 g
1 Extra elderberry jam from 240g
1 extra jam of red grapes da220g
1 extra jam da200g plums
1 extra jam kiwi da235g
1 Extra plum jam da220g
1 red grape juice 500ml
1/2 barricaded in walnut leaves, or 1/4 of sunken (to be specified in the message to the manufacturer)

Chosen by the following BG's

GAS-PACHO - pdr Misano - Misano Adriatico (RN) - Gas Pesaro La Gluppa - Pesaro (PU) - GAS Fano Fortuna - Fano (PU) - Catòlgas - Cattolica (RN)

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