Propolis (natural antibiotic)

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Propolis (natural antibiotic)

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Azienda agricola Cevoli

Via Marchi, 47924 Rimini (RN) - Italia

Product description

Manufactured 100% in Italy

In alcoholic solution at 30%, in bottles with droppers of 20cc for use INTERNAL and EXTERNAL.
Ideal for hoarseness and sore throat (15-20 drops in "a" finger of warm water; as an external disinfectant for abrasions, cuts, fiock be backed with cotton and / or gauze or cotton;
sores and herpes of the mouth. It can also be used on dental abscesses and generic problems of the teeth and inner mouth again through infill or "sgoccilando" directly to the affected area.
It has no contraindications, except for the strong "staining" power if it is not immediately removed from tissues and / or surfaces. Product absolutely ORGANIC.

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RIGAS - Rimini (RN)

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