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RENEWAL subscription GAS.Marino

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Manufactured 100% in San Marino

Dear members,
we remind you that for the year 2016 the renewal of the association, as in 2015, will only be possible during the withdrawal of the months of January and February of the following ways. On the website in the screen where product orders are carried out will be adding an entry called "Enrolments"

  • Members are requested to book their registration in one of the retreats in January or February.

  • The share capital, which remains fixed at € 10.00, will be paid at checkout during retirement.

  • The cashiers provvederemmo to issue proper receipt.

  • The first date will be that of Wednesday, January 13.

Will renew your membership even those who have been disabled because the purchase during 2015, or in previous years, they had not done in time to pay the membership fee. After this purchase will be enabled again.
For new accessions to the association GAS Marino will organize special meetings with bi-monthly basis in general, during which a member of the Hospitality Group will carry out the presentation of the association, stating their characteristics, principles, social organizations and the methods of operation. After the presentation the audience will be able to complete the registration by filling out the membership application and paying the membership fee, set at € 10.00. The dates of these meetings will be communicated via e-mail, in due time to those who have already registered on the site.

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