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Via Ugo Buli 10b, 47100 Forlì (FC) - Italia

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Plant food at Gluten Base from Wheat Flour Tenero 94%
Ingredients: * from Gluten Flour, Wheat hand washed Tenero, Shoyu * (water, soybeans, wheat, sea salt aspergillus oryzae), * Tamari (soy, water, sea salt, aspergillus oryzae), * carrots, * Onions, Salt marine, * fresh ginger, seaweed Kombu, * Laurel), * Sunflower seed Oil, * Spices.
The Seitan Roll is a product ready, it can simply be heated (with the addition of a little 'of water and shoyu to prevent drying) and then served with side dishes to taste, cut in thin slices and served cold, cut sliced ​​and cooked stew, etc.
Conf.230 gr Deadline 50 days. ca

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