Body scrub

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Body scrub

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FaFraKa- laboratorio cosmetico

Strada della Croce 55, 47896 Faetano (RSM) - San Marino


Product description

BODY SCRUB 300 grBurro body dual action: exfoliates and moisturizes contemporaneamente.Microparticelle of kernels of Amazonian fruits and crystals of sea salt have an effective exfoliating removing dead cells and favoring the parts cellulare.Arricchito of Shea Butter cocoa, and oils of Inca Inchi, Sunflower and Jojoba, all with high content of nutrients and emollients principles, nourishes and moisturizes the skin deeply and long, also has skin repairing function on cracked and damaged tissues. The presence of sea salt promotes the drainage of liquids in eccesso.Tutti vegetable ingredients are certified biologici.Il salt, rich in magnesium, is harvested by hand in the Natural Park of usoApplicare Sicciole.Consigli Saline scrub in the shower, after the cleansing, wet skin. With body heat the butter melt and feed, while the particles, with the massage, gently rub off the dead cells. Rinse with water tiepida.Cosmetico Ecological Organic, certified by ECOCERT sasBP47 32600 Isle Jourdain according to the disciplinary Ecocert100% of total ingredientivegetali derive from agriculture biologica100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin 25, 2% of the total ingredients are derived from biological agriculture

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