Propolis solution to the bottle with 20 cc eyedropper

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Propolis solution to the bottle with 20 cc eyedropper

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Apicoltore Betti Paolo

Via Montini 17 - Loc. Mercatale, 59023 Vernio (PO) - Italia

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The use of propolis in alcoholic solution finds applications in dermatology, dentistry and in gastroenterology for its antibacterial properties and natural antibiotic.
For outdoor use (mycosis or wounds during healing) is practical use of poles with the ends muffled. For internal use (disease of the oral cavity, gingivitis, gastritis, etc.), A simple and practical method of administration is to place the eyedropper a small amount of solution directly in the mouth, after sipping a bit 'of water, and ingest. In this way the propolis adheres to the tissues, without giving the burning sensation due to the presence of alcohol.

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