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The company has self-certified their ethics Supplier of BG registered in E-circles.org Organic certification, environmental, origin, etc.

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Manufactured 100% in Italy

Food Vegetable Base Tofu 97%
Ingredients: Tofu * (Water, Soybeans *, coagulant: nigari (magnesium chloride), * Tamari (soy, water, sea salt, aspergillus oryzae, Barley Toasted Traces), * Sunflower seed oil, salt, spices *, *Herbs.
Tofu the plate can be used in the preparation of kebabs, rice salads or vegetables, whipped in the preparation of meatballs or meatloaf, cut into strips and added to soups or stews, or simply heated and served with side dishes to taste, etc.
Conf. 180 gr Deadline 50 days. ca

Company certificates

Control and Certification Organization ECOCERT 

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