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Via Ugo Buli 10b, 47100 Forlì (FC) - Italia

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Food Vegetable Tofu Base at 97, 9% and Chili 0, 4%
Ingredients: Water, soya *, coagulant: nigari (magnesium chloride), Salt, Pepper *, Oregano *, * Garlic, Marjoram *, Basil *, * Timo.
The Spicy Tofu is a tasty food which is dominated the taste of chilli and oregano. It can be served simply seasoned with lemon and olive oil, or diced becomes a delicious ingredient for rice salads, pasta or vegetables, or even blended with oil and used as a cream or sauces for pasta, cut into slices and baked in the oven or fried, etc.
Conf. 220 gr Deadline 30 days. ca

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