Unique toning lotion

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Unique toning lotion

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FaFraKa- laboratorio cosmetico

Strada della Croce 55, 47896 Faetano (RSM) - San Marino


Product description

Toning Lotion 220 ml
Lightweight lotion that refreshes and tones gently all skin types.
Thanks to the presence of Fennel extracts, from decongestant and astringent properties, Altea that facilitates hydration and has an emollient effect, and Bilberry that prevents the breakage of the capillaries, the skin is protected from the action of external agents and remains soft for a long and hydrated.
Enough for the most delicate and dehydrated skin, you can apply several times a day especially during the warmest season.
The pleasant fragrance is derived from the same plant extracts used, all certified organic.
Serving Suggestions
Apply to face and neck, after cleansing with Cleansing Milk and proceed with the application of Face Cream.
Ecological Organic cosmetic certified by ECOCERT sas
BP47 32600 L'Isle Jourdain according to Ecocert
100% of the total plant ingredients come from organic farming
97% of the total ingredients are of natural origin
12% of the total ingredients come from organic farming

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