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Expand your Store by transforming it into a Circular Coop in your area. Sell online and deliver home using our e-commerce. Easily create your pricelist using those of your suppliers. Start and manage a Buying Group distributing products without making stocks.

  1. Subscribe to E-circles
  2. Register your shop as a company, enter the pricelist of the products you want to sell online. You can directly use the pricelists of your suppliers if they are registered on our website.
  3. Activate payments by Credit card, PayPal and Bank Transfer and launch your free E-commerce. There are no commission on sales.
  4. Activate home delivery, specifying the days and times in which this will be active.
  5. Apply offers on some of your products and we will send them to all our subscribers every Tuesday.
  6. Get in touch with local producers and start cooperating with them, using their pricelists to create the one for your Store.
  7. Start a Buying Group, using your Store as a Withdrawal Point. You will retain your customers and you will be able to order only what has already been paid, thus avoiding making stocks.
  8. Open the orders and promote the Buying Group among friends and on social networks. People will be able to register and start ordering the products they will receive at home or collect at the Withdrawal Point.
  9. As the Buying Group grows, join our free training courses on Circular Economy.
  10. Install self-service automatic dispensers of detergents on tap in the Store in order to reuse the containers.
  11. Fill in the Business Plan of your E-circler activity in the area in a guided way and use it to contact local institutions and to participate in European calls, 2021/27 programming in which the Circular Economy will be a very important Focus.
  12. After reaching around 200 families, you could evolve your shop into a cooperative. A much larger room will be needed, where it will also be possible to set up workshops.
  13. Buy a refrigerated electric van for home deliveries.
  14. Set up a carpentry shop in the workshop that uses the timber obtained from fallen trees in the cities and destined for the mecero to produce various objects. It will serve to train young people interested in the carpentry profession.
  15. Promote the awareness that repairing is better than replacing. Choose or organize the training of artisans who practice forgotten trades (cobblers, tailors, coppersmiths, grinders, mattress makers, etc.) both to repair objects and to package new ones, of great quality and durability.
  16. Install on the Store the latest generation photovoltaic panels and columns for recharging electric vehicles.
  17. Offer your customers the containers for super-differentiated waste collection. Coffee grounds, used oil, egg shells, orange peels, are just some of the types of waste used as raw materials for producers.
  18. Install a machine for community composting, which allows everyone to deposit organic waste and collect the compost.
  19. Continue to attend training courses and offer a consulting service to companies and local institutions in the Circular Economy.
  20. Acquire a space of about 10 square meters and use it to grow mushrooms using the coffee grounds you are harvesting as a substrate.
  21. To be continued...