What is it about?

Our Social Shop service allows you to create a shop on Facebook and Instagram starting from your E-Commerce on E-circles. You will be able to allow your customers to buy your products more easily and acquire new ones. Once everything is activated, you will no longer have to worry about manually updating your shop, in fact it will be automatically updated every morning at 05:00.

How is it activated?

Activating it is easy, just follow the following steps that assume you have already activated E-commerce:

  1. Go to the Pricelist page and click Sales methods
  2. Click Update and then Copy next to the Data source for Facebook Shop box
  3. Create a Shop on Facebook following these instructions
  4. Log into your Shop, then log into the Sales Manager
  5. Click on Catalog in the left menu, Data source, then Add a new List in the top right
  6. Select Scheduled Feed and press Next
  7. Paste (Ctrl + v) the text obtained from E-circles in the Enter URL box and press Next
  8. Select Once a day, at the time, enter 05 00 AM in the At time box and press Next
  9. In the Default currency box enter your currency, press Upload and wait for the price list to be uploaded to the Shop
  10.  At the end of the upload check if there are any products rejected for some reason. In this case, go back to E-circles and modify the products not accepted.

How much does it cost?

We will apply a 10% fee to the sale, including payment manager fees.


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