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People become more aware every day, understanding that when choosing a product, there are more important factors in the price which are of great importance both for their own health and for the environment, both for the widespread economic welfare.

An organic-ethical product has four fundamental characteristics:

  • It is produced by methods as natural as possible, without the use of synthetic chemicals, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides whether it is fruits or vegetables, avoiding intensive farming and non-natural feed in the case of animal products; generally they are produced with criteria that prefer quality to price.
  • The manufacturer is respectful of the environment and working conditions of their employees who are trying as best we can to ensure a non-precarious contract, a fair wage and safe working conditions. Production takes place in a transparent manner, without alteration or sofistificazioni; the bio-ethical company is always pleased to welcome their customers to show their production methods.
  • The distribution of the product occurs by limiting as much as possible the transport, ideally 0 km and the maximum shortening the chain, so that its cost depends mainly by the two factors seen above. This allows for greater freshness, traceability, lower environmental pollution and a more direct relationship with the producer.
  • An organic-ethical product also has a cultural aspect, often it embodies important knowledge, ancient and new, related to nature and local traditions.

And last, but not least, the organic-ethical products have a human face, that producers who do their work with great enthusiasm and great passion!

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