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A Circular Coop is a consortium of producers, artisans, shopkeepers and buyers, operating on a territory, according to the principles of the Circular Economy.

It must therefore have the following characteristics:

  • The production of the Cooperative must be as local as possible, use production methods with low environmental impact and guarantee the rights of workers and a fair profit for the entrepreneurs
  • The distribution of products must take place with zero emissions and waste. The home delivery must be done with zero-emission vehicles
  • Consumption must be done with zero waste and emissions. The organic waste must be brought back to the Coop where it will be transformed into compost. Packaging must be returned and reused. Products that break must be able to be repaired in the Cooperative and reused

A Circular Cooperative offers innovative services such as:

  • Stores of local and Fair Trade products
  • A Social Purchasing Group
  • Dispensers of detergents and products on tap for the reuse of packaging
  • Columns for recharging electric vehicles powered by renewable energy
  • Containers for the super-differentiated collection of waste
  • A community composter
  • A space for meetings and training courses in the field of Circular Economy and forgotten professions
  • Workshops for the repair of objects
  • A flea market
  • A Time Bank
  • A complementary coin to use inside the Coop

E-circles offers guidance and tools for training on the territories of Circular Cooperatives, step by step starting from scratch.

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