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Can I register my company?

If you are a manufacturer or manage a store or even a non-profit organization, you can register your company on E-circles, enter the pricelist, activate E-commerce (payments by Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Transfer), making your products visible also to FoodCoops that use this App for order management.

You will have a page well indexed on search engines. The GAS will be able to open and manage orders for your products through a contact person.

Once the E-commerce activated, you can search for other producers in your area and decide to start an Online Social Cooperative with them, automatically combining pricelists and proposing a wider range of products together, allowing customers to make a more complete shopping, saving on transport and shipping costs, with benefits also for the environment. If you manage a shop, on E-circles you will find the tools to build the price list in a few clicks starting from those of your suppliers; you can activate online product sales and home delivery in your area in no time.

How do I sign up?

First you need to register on the site with your name and surname. Once registered, the Register your Company button will appear at the top right. First, use our search tool to verify that your company has not already been registered by a GAS. If it were, just click on Owner in the table with the names of the companies, otherwise proceed with the registration by carefully filling out the questionnaire in all its parts.

Which services do you offer?

  • A company page with a banner, logo, description, certifications, personal data, inclusion of photos and documents.
  • Entry of the pricelist, one product at a time or as a whole through an excel file. You can specify the methods of sale, the discounts for quantities, the methods of home delivery or national and EU shipping.
  • Breakdown of products into categories. In general, Google categories are used, with additions or changes where necessary.
  • Entry of company and product data also in English.
  • Contacts with purchasing groups and viewing the orders received.
  • An E-commerce for individual purchases that can be combined with that of other producers in your area in an online Cooperative.
  • The inclusion of promotional offers in a weekly newsletter.
  • The ability to synchronize your e-commerce business site with the one on E-circles.

How much will it cost?

Free of charge you can: register the company, enter a pricelist, activate an E-Commerce, receive orders from a maximum of two FoodCoops.

By subscribing as a supporter for € 60 + VAT per year you can: receive orders from three or more GAS, contact the GAS, insert your announcement in our monthly newsletter, update the price list directly from your E-commerce, receive orders in customized ways, display promotional material in the fairs and events in which we participate.

There are no commissions on GAS sales. The commission of sales through E-commerce is 10%.


to register your Company

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