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What is it about?

An E-circle is a Purchase Group made up of several withdrawal and/or home delivery points spread over a vast territory.

It aims to offer buyers fresh products that are as local and of high quality, minimizing the environmental impact and delivery costs.

It is aimed at producer cooperatives, business networks, individual companies or even contacts who want to start this type of activity, collaborating with companies.

The purchase is made and paid online on E-circles by the customer who can collect the order himself or have it delivered to his home. For products sold by weight, such as vegetables or meat, it is possible to allow the seller to weigh them before activating the payment.

No sales commission for manufacturers.

The distribution to the withdrawal points is optimized thanks to the synchronization of the orders, which allows you to organize a single shipment by courier. Home delivery is also optimized thanks to the subdivision into zones of the territory surrounding the collection points: each zone will include one or more neighboring municipalities in which delivery is scheduled on one or more days of the week.

The referents of the withdrawal points receive fair compensation for their work thanks to a logistic cost that the E-circle administrators will apply to the products sold and to the costs of home deliveries that can be differentiated from municipality to common.

Advertising will be managed by E-circles through marketing campaigns on Social Networks, optimized in order to reach only the municipalities served by the various collection points. Furthermore, the managers of the collection points will be able to contact buyers on a weekly basis through a newsletter.

How is it activated?

You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Think of an attractive name for the E-circle, which recalls the values of the Social Economy
  2. Sign up personally at
  3. Start a new Purchase Group by specifying E-circle as the type
  4. Crea un sottogruppo per ogni località dove verrà attivato un Punto Ritiro
  5. Add new Withdrawal Points in the area and for each of them set up the subgroup, home delivery by choosing the municipalities, dates and delivery costs
  6. Associate the withdrawal points with one or more suppliers of your choice among those registered on
  7. Choose which products to make available for purchase and apply a surcharge for logistics costs
  8. Select an order closing and product pick-up date and open orders
  9. When the orders are closed, carry out any weighings for the products sold by weight and then put the orders on delivery so that buyers can pay for them
  10. Organize the shipment of the products with an optimal route that touches all the collection points
  11. At the end of the month, all producers involved in the E-circle will issue an invoice to Eventhia s.r.l. for products sold. The E-circle manager will invoice Eventhia for the logistics costs and will pay the collection points managers will issue an invoice or an occasional performance document

How much does it cost?

To finance it, we will apply a mark-up on the final price of the products.


Start an E-circle

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