What is it about?

Zero Waste of E-circles, combined with the LOCAL & Green service, allows producers and stores to sell online and deliver in the company unsold items at the end of the day, in order to minimize food waste.

It also allows manufacturers to make production waste visible online which can become useful resources for other companies.

How is it activated?

Activating it is very easy, just follow the following steps that assume that you have already activated the E-commerce with withdrawal in the shop:

  1. Enter one or more products in the price list in the form of generic packaging, in which you will check the Zero Waste Packaging box
  2. At a certain time of the day, a couple of hours before closing, indicate in the price list how many packages you have for each type
  3. All your customers will receive a notification that they will be able to buy, pay and collect the packages from you
  4. Each time you make a delivery you will need to mark it as collected by the customer
  5. A quarter of an hour before the closure of your business the available packages will be automatically reset

How much does it cost?

On the sale of Zero Waste packs, we will apply a 10% commission, including payment manager fees.


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