What is it about?

Buying Groups Management is a service offered by E-circles that allows you to easily create and manage Social or Collective Buying Groups composed of a large number of families. The management tools provided here are constantly updated and improved on the basis of the suggestions of the groups users themselves.

Buying Groups tools

  • The start-up of a new Buying Group
  • Effective management of orders that can be viewed in different ways
  • An archive of users divided into subgroups
  • A notification message system that allows you to contact groups of gas operators filtered by various criteria
  • The management of volunteering in the Withdrawal Points
  • A historical archive of all movements
  • Formation of specialized groups for the reception, logistics, evaluation of suppliers
  • An archive of files and images to download
  • A search engine for products, suppliers, users
  • The possibility of carrying out surveys
  • An editable and expandable web page
  • A forum and a chat for communications, reports, digressions
  • The possibility of ordering together with other GAS in the area, forming a Social Economy District (SED)

How is it activated?

For more information on Buying Groups and how to start one, click here!

How much does it cost?

The management system for the Buying Group is free, there are no mandatory costs. The largest and most active Groups support our work with a fee of € 5.00 per year for each active user. We spend 10% of this proceeds, if the Group so wishes, in a promotional campaign in the group's territory, in January.

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