FLORANGELI ANGELINI (conf. 50 capsules)

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FLORANGELI ANGELINI (conf. 50 capsules)

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Laboratorio erboristico Angelini

Via Montefeltro 5, 47900 Rimini (RN) - Italia

Product description

Probiotic (acts directly in the intestine) containing lactobacilli (L. acidophilus, L.casei, L.lactis, l: salivarius),
Bifid bacterium lactis, Enterococcus faecium.
Mixture of probiotic lactic acid bacteria useful to replenish the intestinal microbial flora where it is altered after antibiotic treatment or due to an unbalanced diet.
Use: dq 1 to 3 capsules per day between meals. For a faster effect, open the capsule and dissolve contents in a little liquid (milk or water)

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