Bunk bed solid spruce cm 212 x 90 x H 172

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Bunk bed solid spruce cm 212 x 90 x H 172

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ARTIMESTIERI O.N.L.U.S. cooperativa sociale

Via San Mauro 12, 12012 Boves (CN) - Italia


Product description

The bunk bed in solid fir is made without metal parts, which can affect the value of the natural Earth's magnetic field with the associated dangers for the quality of rest. Includes within it two bases with rigid slats in fir (one for each bed) applied directly to the bed frame.
If necessary, it is easily transformed into two single beds with the same and equal height.
Bed size: cm 212x90xh172.
Size ergonomic networks: 80 x 200 cm.
The finish is obtained with natural oils and waxes without petroleum derivatives and no toxic fumes of other kind.
The assembly is quick and easy to realize.

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