Body oil

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Body oil

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FaFraKa- laboratorio cosmetico

Strada della Croce 55, 47896 Faetano (RSM) - San Marino


Product description

BODY OIL 120 mlMiscela of precious oils of Inca Inchi, argan and Jojoba.L'abbinamento with Sunflower oil further increases its wealth of polyunsaturated fatty acids, giving it excellent moisturizing, softening, firming and regenerating the cellule.L'estratto Carrot enhances the antioxidant action of the main components, making it particularly suitable for skins secche.Il result is an easily absorbed oil that leaves the skin a pleasant sensation of softness and idratazione.Gli used essential oils give the product a delicate fragrance and simultaneously stimulate circulation allowing oxygenation and toning tessuti.Gli vegetable ingredients are certified biologici.L'olio Argan also comes from fair trade and solidale.Consigli of usoApplicare after a bath or shower to slightly damp skin operand a gentle massage to facilitate assorbimento.Ideale after exposure to sole.Cosmetico Ecological Organic, certified by ECOCERT sasBP47 32600 Isle Jourdain according to the disciplinary Ecocert100% of total ingredientivegetali derive from agriculture biologica100% of the total ingredients are natural origin 14% of the total ingredients come from organic farming

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