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This project aims to make people aware of the fact that we live in an economic system in which there is an ongoing race to the bottom in consumer prices due to various causes; the principal of these resides in what we call the "illusion of savings", that is, to think that in general, the lower is the price of the products, the greater the purchasing power of the people. The reality is quite different: price competition taking place between the companies, especially in this time of globalization of markets, is such that in order to bring to market a product at a lower price, manufacturers are having to cut costs, primarily workers' salaries, laying off is that by reducing wages. Let us add that in a country like Italy, its massive public debt and therefore from significant tax requirements, lowering consumer prices necessarily leads to an increase in indirect taxation.

Consider only the absolute numerical value of the price of a product is common practice, although extremely superficial. What should be of interest to the buyer it is instead the composition of the price of a product, ie the know every single component that helps to determine the final price: cost of raw materials, energy costs, logistics costs, wages of workers, the entrepreneur profit, taxes. It is only by knowing these data that the buyer can get a clear idea of how he is spending his money and what is actually the right price for a given product, ie how best to spend to provide to itself and to the entire community the maximum benefit.

The practical part of this project is to develop a graphic system of product labeling which can assess at a glance the price composition and therefore the quality and the socio-economic impact of the product purchased.

Combining At the right price! with the project Solidarity Chain (where we spend our money?) then you should give people a clear picture of what are the consequences of an action, now very trivialized, what would you spend your money.

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