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Countrymen abroad
We offer typical products that cannot be found to those who have chosen to emigrate

Solidarity Shopping
Suspended purchase in favor of needy families

Time Bank
Mutual voluntary exchange between users

Fair Trade Stores
The store's e-commerce ready in a few clicks

Social Shop
Create your shop on Facebook and Instagram in a few clicks

Zero Waste
It sells end-of-day unsold goods and production waste

Online Stands
An E-commerce with innovative features

An innovative way of selling and distributing products

Local & Green
A small territorial distribution ideal for stores and cooperatives

At the right price!
How we spend our money?

Buying Groups management
Tools for Social and Collective Buying Groups management

Pricelist interchange
Search of a price list of standards for all type of products

Organic-ethical products
The ethics adds three new dimensions to the quality of products

Support to small/medium companies
Relaunch of the productive sectors


Circular Marketplace
An economic chain that minimizes waste and pollution

Circular Coops
Territorial consortiums between companies, customers and the environment

Circular Economy
Connection, conservation and social justice

Eventhia s.r.l.
Projects for Social and Circular Economy

E-circles Projects
Circular Supply Chains and Communities

What's a SEN?
Solidarity Economy Networks: what are they?

What's a SED?
Solidarity Economy Districts: What are they?

Social Economy
What is it? How it differs from the current system?

Certified chain
To find out how and where we spend our money

La crisi deflattiva
Possiamo uscirne cambiando la mentalità negli acquisti

L'incubo della deflazione
Costretti a vivere in un'economia povera

L'illusione del Risparmio
Crescita Naturale e Benessere Diffuso

Presentazione dei GAS

Buying Groups
What's a Buying Group?



Video Istruzioni all'uso di E-circles
Avviare un'Azienda

Internal use

Buying Groups
Advantages and tools