At the right price!
How we spend our money?

Buying Groups and SED management
Tools for Buying Groups and Social Economy Districts

Organic-ethical products
The ethics adds three new dimensions to the quality of products

Pricelist interchange
Search of a price list of standards for all type of products

Support to small/medium companies
Relaunch of the productive sectors


Circular Marketplace
An economic chain that minimizes waste and pollution

Circular Coop
A territorial consortium between companies, customers and the environment

Circular Economy
Connection, conservation and social justice

Eventhia s.r.l.
Projects for Social and Circular Economy

E-circles Projects
Circular Supply Chains and Communities

Certified chain
To find out how and where we spend our money

What's a SEN?
Solidarity Economy Networks: what are they?

What's a SED?
Solidarity Economy Districts: What are they?

Social Economy
What is it? How it differs from the current system?

La crisi deflattiva
Possiamo uscirne cambiando la mentalità negli acquisti

L'incubo della deflazione
Costretti a vivere in un'economia povera

L'illusione del Risparmio
Crescita Naturale e Benessere Diffuso

Presentazione dei GAS

Buying Groups
What's a Buying Group?


Video Istruzioni all'uso di E-circles
Avviare un'Azienda

Internal use

Eventhia s.r.l.
Innovative company in the ICT sector

Buying Groups
Advantages and tools