Ceci Sultan Bio

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Ceci Sultan Bio

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Quantity: 1 Kilogram

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Masseria Archinuovi - San Michele Salentino (BR)

C.So Umberto i 77, 72021 Francavilla Fontana (BR) - Italia

Product description

Chickpea varieties biological Sultan of our company's production from organic farming.
Certificate of conformity ICEA.
It is a variety of chickpea suited to our microclimate, small-caliber, smooth, white.
Shorter cooking (about 1 hour in a normal pan).
More taste.
Chickpeas are sold to the consumer as a product "in bulk". Are sold at 1, 5 euro per kg in 25 kg bags or 2 € in bags of 1/2 kg and 1 kg.

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