Caciocavallo Lagarese ™

Caciocavallo Lagarese ™

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Azienda agricola Serravalle

Via Colamauci 1 - Loc. Contrada Lagarò, 87053 Celico (CS) - Italia


Product description

Manufactured 100% in Italy

Caciocavallo Lagarese ™ is made using milk produced by our cows and turned just after milking. This type of cheese is a cheese that is realizzanto spinning the dough come to leavening, pasta which is made by breaking the curdled milk straight and placed in special baskets. The Lagarese ™ brand reflects a well-defined locations, Lagaro Lupinacci, adjacent to the Sila National Park and the Cecita, and a cheese-making tradition that has been handed down for centuries. This resort captures all the beauty of the wonderful plateau of Sila with its green pastures. Under the brand Lagarese ™ turn our offer to rediscover the ancient flavors of the plateau. Eating this product able to perceive the strong taste of milk and herbs they eat our cows every day, along with its wonderful scent (just after eating the first slice). So, by purchasing this product, expect a strong taste from April to September and a mild taste from October to March; all this simply because the cows in the first period, graze in the wild on the green lawns and in the second period are fed with hay stocks performed in the summer months. The philosophy that drives this dairy is to offer the highest quality products, natural and genuine using only three simple ingredients in harmony with nature and flavors that the local tradition requires: milk, rennet and salt. Our production is oriented on the availability of raw materials at kilometer zero, or perhaps better to say "a centimeter 0". Our company has always adopted the traditional method respecting the consumer, both in health-and in terms of quality.

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