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Butterfly Garden (sow flowers collect butterflies)

Butterfly Garden (sow flowers collect butterflies)

€ 8,00


Quantity: 1 Piece

Minimum order: 1 (1 Pz)

Minimum order for Foodcoopers: 1 (1 Pz)

Manufactured by

Eugea - Ecologia Urbana Giardini e Ambiente

Vicolo della Neve 3, 40123 Bologna (BO) - Italia


   € 0,00

Product description

Recent studies have determined that at least 40% of European butterflies are disappearing. For this the Eugea researchers have developed a "garden" containing flowering plants with particularly pleasing nectar for adult butterflies and wild fennel, the Macaone nurse plant, the most beautiful Italian butterfly. They will therefore create a small oasis where butterflies can feed and lay eggs. Though many will contribute to planting, we could see the circling of the butterflies in the gray sky of our city. www.eugea.it / products.html

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Last update: 21-09-2020

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