Monte Sagro

Monte Sagro

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Terre Apuane di Emanuele Crudeli Società Agricola S.r.l.

Via dei Mille 81 - Loc. Marina di Carrara, 54033 Carrara (MS) - Italia

Product description

Manufactured 100% in Italy

Wine made from Vermentino grapes Black and Massaretta, bred in the vineyard "Form High" Bonascola, Carrara.Le manually harvested grapes are taken to the cellar in the town of Fosdinovo underground ¾ full of constant temperature. Fermentation with its lees directly in tanks of concrete and subsequent aging for twelve months in oak barrels. Data sheet First Vintage: 2013 Grape: Sangiovese, Vermentino Massaretta and black Exposure and altitude: south west 200 meters above sea level Soil: Mostly grainy type of siliceous Training system: Guyot Average age of productive vines: 60 years method and period: at least twelve months in oak barrels alcohol: 14 ° C

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GAS Carrara Massa e Montignoso - Massa (MS)

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