Organic Penne Rigate - Cappelli

Organic Penne Rigate - Cappelli

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Gino Girolomoni Cooperativa agricola

Strada Delle Valli 21, 61030 Isola del Piano (PU) - Italia

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Manufactured 100% in Italy

This pasta is made using durum wheat semolina - Cappelli - grown organically by our members in the hills of the Marches region.
Cappelli most certainly deserves a privileged place among the varieties of old established durum wheat, because it was the first "chosen" variety, selected by Nazareno Strampelli, the "wheat wizard".
The name will not mean much to most people, but many will remember the television film where Benito Mussolini was shown harvesting and threshing grain. That was Cappelli durum wheat. It was named in honour of Abruzzi Senator Raffaele Cappelli, who promoted agrarian reform in the early 1900s.
Cappelli is a wheat with a high protein content; it grows majestic and tall in the fields. Its notable height (it can reach 180 cm) has made this variety of wheat difficult to grow because it is continually at risk from setting, mainly on account of wind or rain. With excellent soil conditions and with mild climatic trends, Cappelli can reach a yield of 18-23 quintals per hectare. The Cappelli variety can in any case be defined as a "chosen variety", both on account of its excellent protein and sensory characteristics and of the fact that it is the ancestor of many, many other varieties that are still grown today.
The Girolomoni® pasta made using 100% semolina from this variety of wheat is bronze drawn and dried at low temperatures for very long periods (approximately 12 hours for long pasta and 8 hours for short pasta), in order to maintain all of the nutrients and sensory qualities of the raw material in the finished product.

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