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Natural organic sheep yogurt 250 gr

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Natural organic sheep yogurt 250 gr

€ 2,76

Quantity: 250 grams

Price per Kg: € 11,04

The price depends on the actual weight (payment after weighing)


Periodicity: 1 Dicembre - 31 Luglio

Minimum order: 1 Pc (0,25 Kg)

Best before: 15 days from date on package


5% discount for orders over € 200,00

Manufactured by

Az. Agr. Fratelli Sanna Caseificio Podere S.Anna

Organic certification, environmental, origin, etc.
strada radi-siena 6149 - Loc. Colle Malamerenda, 53014 Monteroni d'Arbia (SI) - Italia


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Product description

Manufactured 100% in Italy

Natural sheep yogurt is compact, pleasant flavor, not strong, not very acidic. Organic fruit compote can be added.


Latte di pecora bio, fermenti lattici


Milk & derivatives, including lactose Milk

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