Our projects


Purposes and objectives

  • Promote the local and national economy by helping companies in difficulty by shortening the supply chain
  • Provide an IT support to Foodcoops, non-profit organizations and companies
  • Promote employment through the creation of stable jobs with the right salaries
  • Return quality to products, dignity to work, healthiness to the environment
  • To help disadvantaged people and families through solidarity initiatives
  • Spread culture, ancient and new knowledge and transmit a slower and healthier lifestyle
  • Support ethical finance and facilitating a horizontal distribution of wealth
  • Propose an economic system based on collaboration instead of competition
  • Facilitate the re-use and recycling of objects and the reduction of waste
  • Draw the maps of the Solidarity Networks and link them together
  • Create a standard format of interchange of producers price lists
  • Build a database of products that allows to go back to the characteristics of each ingredient used

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