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Tenuta Bio Gambino Azienda agricola

Viale Varsavia 33, 92016 Ribera (AG) - Italia

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Manufactured 100% in Italy

BOX 10 KG ORANGES RIBERA "Washinton NAVEL" DA JUICE - GAUGE 6-8L'arancia "Washington Navel" has a pleasant taste, is blonde and is seedless pulp, but the main feature is the pleasant taste and never acido.CARATTERISTICHE QUALITATIVELe peculiar characteristics of our "Washington Navel" concerning the flesh: the juice vesicles dissolve in the mouth, leaving very few membranous residues. Unlike other Sicilian variety, characterized by a sub-acid flavor, the "blondes" Ribera have a sweet pulp that distinguishes them. In addition, our oranges have a perfect balance between taste and profumo.Queste qualitative and organoleptic characteristics of the variety "Washington Navel" by Ribera, are peculiar in that it is the growing area that gives our product a real identity. We can say that the "Washington Navel" is equipped with a unique quality linked precisely to environmental factors such as climate, soil and water. Our orange grove, in fact, extends on the side of the river Platani, so the soil is rich in fertile substances that give the fruit not only a unique flavor, but also important organoleptic properties. All these features, encompass our oranges in the chain of "Oranges DOP" of Sicily

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