Composta di Radicchio Rosso artigianale 100 g.



Composta di Radicchio Rosso artigianale 100 g.

€ 2,10

Quantity: 100 grams

Price per Kg: € 21,00


Minimum order: 1 Pc (0,1 Kg)

Minimum order for Foodcoopers: 1 Pc (0,1 Kg)

Best before: 2 years

Manufactured by

Nerboruta di Igor Barbaro

via Monte Topino, s.n.c. 17, 01015 Sutri (VT) - Italia


Product description

Manufactured 100% in Italy

The compote of Red Radicchio is a speciality of Nerboruta, particular and perfect to taste the taste of this appreciated vegetable even out of season. It combines well with mature cheeses, of which it is able to exalt the taste pleasantly. Excellent even on sharp bread!!!


Radicchio 77%, limone 3%, zucchero 20%

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