Conf. 6 Hamburger Cattle Karst "Heights of Polazzo"

Conf. 6 Hamburger Cattle Karst "Heights of Polazzo"

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Bio-agriturismo Parco Rurale Alture di Polazzo

Via Fornaci 1/a - Loc. Alture di Polazzo, 34070 Fogliano Redipuglia (GO) - Italia


Product description

Manufactured 100% in Italy

Hamburger Karst "Heights of Polazzo" 6 burgers pack (100 grams each) CONGELATI.INGREDIENTI: beef ground beef, beef fat. CORRECTION OF ACIDITY ': E262. AROMINon refreeze the product after thawing. Once thawed, use within a short time after cooking. Registered trademark. PRODUCT FACTORY in EN 911 F CE for Agricultural Society account Samsa Paul and C. ss, via Fornaci 1 / a, 34070, Fogliano Redipuglia.Prodotto on 05/16/2016, Frozen 16/05 / 2016Da Best before 16 / 11 / 2017Tracciabilità product on:

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