Jam Raspberries

Jam Raspberries

€ 3,50

Quantity: 240 grams

Price per Kg: € 14,58


Minimum order: 1 Pc (0,24 Kg)

Minimum order for Foodcoopers: 1 Pc (0,24 Kg)

Manufactured by

Azienda agricola Belfiore

Via Montefrancio 156 - Loc. Castelnuovo Magra, 19033 Castelnuovo Magra (SP) - Italia


Product description

Manufactured 100% in Italy

Jam from the rich texture with intense aroma, full of fresh fruit, the palate reveals its sweet taste and strong. Excellent in the preparation of pastries. - Jar 240 g

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GAS Carrara Massa e Montignoso - Massa (MS)

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