Organic Oil Toscano 5lt

Organic Oil Toscano 5lt

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Podere bello

Pantano alto, 58017 Pitigliano (GR) - Italia

Product description

Manufactured 100% in Italy

The bio-oil produced from the farm Podere Bello is the result of a rigorous maintenance of the best and oldest oil mill traditions, which have always allowed the production of a superb oil, the peak of quality and authenticity. The company "Podere Bello" strictly follows the guidelines of bio-production, marketing of olive oil extracted from olives grown organically and certified according to the EC Regulation EC 834/07 and 889/089. ICEA, designated by the European Community in accordance with the EC Regulation control body checks and certifies that the company "Podere Bello" Mushrooms Andrea, situated in the locality quagmire high in Pitigliano (Grosseto), produces extra virgin olive oil from organic farming , (organic producer code: IT BIO 006 B3246). Our company is also inscribed in the Consortium of Olive Oil extra virgin Tuscan IGP Protection. The Consortium for the Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil protection guarantees the authenticity oil Toscano; an oil, from the olive grove to the mill, to bottling, is made mandatory within the territorial boundaries of Tuscany, as provided by the Production Regulations Extra Virgin Olive Oil Toscano protected geographical indication for which conformity is attested by certiquality, the institution authorized by the Ministry to control activities. Cultivar: Leccino 75%, Fang 15%, 5% Pendolino, Frantoio 5%. harvesting operations: The olives are grazed exclusively by plants and by hand starting from early November and never beyond the end of the month, ensuring the selection of only healthy fruit and optimal level of maturity as well as to allow the full expression of the fruit component and herbaceous. The olives are placed in small boxes drilled to ensure constant ventilation and immediately transported to the pressing. Pressing: The olives are pressed within 12 hours after harvesting in the mill located close to the farm, using modern systems of pressing in a continuous cycle by low-temperature mechanical extraction, which produces oil from the first pressing virtually without acidity that is not filtered to keep its organoleptic characteristics. organoleptic characteristics: intense and bright green color with golden reflections; herbaceous fragrance, intense and fragrant with olive hints; full taste, decided, fruity, slightly spicy with a pungent and persistent aftertaste typical feature of this oil freshly squeezed due to the particles of the olive husk still suspended.

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