Pork in 10Kg pack

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Pork in 10Kg pack

€ 120,00

Quantity: 1 Piece


Minimum order: 1 (1 Pz)

Minimum order for Foodcoopers: 1 (1 Pz)

Manufactured by

G.BRIGANTES di Gregorio Lombardi

Pianello - Loc. Val Della Pietra, 61043 Cagli (PU) - Italia


Product description

Fresh meat pack pork bred in semi-wild. The package includes sausages, costarelle, chops, roast, stew etc. On request, liver, bacon lard, weight off. The price of 120 € is referred to by 10 Kg pack and may vary more or less depending on the exact weight occurred to packaging.


Carne fresca

Chosen by the following BG's

Gas Pesaro La Gluppa - Pesaro (PU) - GAS Val d'Apsa - Montelabbate (PU)

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