Tintilia DOC

Tintilia DOC

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Molise Sapori

Via Mimosa,7, 86010 Ferrazzano (CB) - Italia

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Manufactured 100% in Italy

The SATOR DOC is produced by Tintilia grapes alone, with only the free-run juice. A wine "pimp", that immediately wins you over with elegant Bordeaux. big shoulders, a seal of red wax fire and a small scroll to the neck that reveals the meaning of the label: the magic square. the opening of the bottle: the color is decided and full, a nice ruby ​​red with nuances of ripe, as would be expected from typical of this grape. The fruit aroma is intense, net of wild blackberry and black cherry prevail on plum and undergrowth. Dine alcoholic note is warm and enveloping (14.5% alcohol) but well supported by the elegant tannic, harmonious and balanced; the final is pleasantly bitter, as is typical of tintilia. . . and the memory is still emozionante.L'uvaggio 100% Tintilia, product of 3 Ha, bred espalier and cordon, 500 meters south facing with excellent ventilation and excellent temperature range. Few treatments are performed per year with only sulfur and copper, and only when necessary; not having problems of fungi and pests due to the altitude, they are not used systemic treatments (who, entering the lymphatic system of the plant, would switch to wine). The bunch bare determines a yield per hectare on average of only 50 Q / Ha (but in certain years also collect only 35-40 Q / Ha). They do not perform filtering for not stripping the wine and not to lose its typical characteristics. COLOUR: ruby ​​red intensoPROFUMO: intense, typical clear scents, also feels the fruit in alcohol, spices and a delicate vanilla note on finaleGUSTO: dry, elegant tannins present but made warm by the alcoholic note. ALCOHOL CONTENT: 14.5% vol. AGEING: 5-8 years LABEL: Latin inscription, engraved on a stone the Templar origin, found in the town of Acquaviva Collecroce, refreshment point to the Templars who crossed Italy to reach the Holy Land and in many parts of the world . A mysterious formula, 5 words of 5 letters that can be read in both directions and on each side of the square ..... this a probable translation: The Sower (Sator) decides (Tenet) his daily work (Opera) but the Supreme Court (AREPO) decides (Tenet) I his fate (Rotas). Tintilia: is a hardy and vigorous plant, is not easily attacked by pathogens and mold, like the changes in temperature and therefore prefers inland hills, very sunny during the day and cool at night. Its vegetation is very strong at the expense of a small fruit and gaunt. The bunch is small and sparse, the berries are small, the skin is thick and the seeds are pronounced, on average 2/3 to grain, there being so little pulp yield is low. In addition, the careful work done on the screw to balance the vegetative appearance and selection of grapes are still green so as to leave only those most exposed and more vigorous, more lower the yield per hectare. The same concept is reflected in the cellar, where the yield of must and wine "finished" are lower than other grapes. One feature that distinguishes the Tintilia is belonging to "dye" grapes, defined as the grapes that well into maturity also change the color of the pulp which tends to turn blue. This is not typical of all grapes, because normally those who brings color to the fermenting wine is the only peel.

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