Brigand of magna Greece! WHITE

Brigand of magna Greece! WHITE

€ 5,00

Quantity: 0.75 Pieces

Price per Pz: € 6,67


Minimum order: 6 (4,5 Pz)

Minimum order for Foodcoopers: 1 (0,75 Pz)

Manufactured by

Azienda Agricola Biologica Clarabella

C.da Carabella Pod. 3 - Loc. Castellaneta Marina, 74011 Castellaneta (TA) - Italia


Product description

Manufactured 100% in Italy

Bottle white wine made from the 12th Melissa. The muscat flavor of this grape, vinificandola, it is transformed into a pleasant "dry vermouth to dine"!

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GAS Carrara Massa e Montignoso - Massa (MS)

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