Condimento in olio di oliva bio al origano

Condimento in olio di oliva bio al origano

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Manufactured by

Società Agricola Bova S.r.l.

C.da Argadi snc, 88050 Amaroni (CZ) - Italia


Product description

Manufactured 100% in Italy

Bova chili pepper dressing oil is made of a high-quality extra virgin olive oil and chili pepper (Capsicum), one of the most popular Mediterranean cuisine seasonings. Liquid essence with solid pieces of chili pepper give the oil its strong red color and distinctive fl avor, intensely and persistently spicy. For this reason, it is sought after to enrich dishes with a lively and exciting taste. This oil is constantly used in the kitchen and it allows to take full advantage of the benefi cial properties of red pepper. Thanks to its capsaicin content, which gives the oil its spiciness, it also helps stimulating digestion and improving circulation. In addition, it is particularly rich of Vitamin C that exerts a remarkable antioxidant effect on the organism. Chili pepper oil is the ideal condiment for all types of dishes and is particularly suitable for soups of beans and legumes in general, grilled vegetables, pasta, grilled meats, fi sh soups and pizza.


Olio extra vergine di oliva, essenza naturale di peperoncino, peperoncino piccante disidratato frantumato.

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