Monovarietale RAZZOLA

Monovarietale RAZZOLA

€ 10,00

Quantity: 0.5 Liters

Price per Lt: € 20,00


Minimum order: 1 Pc (0,5 Lt)

Minimum order for Foodcoopers: 1 Pc (0,5 Lt)

Manufactured by

Azienda agricola Belfiore

Via Montefrancio 156 - Loc. Castelnuovo Magra, 19033 Castelnuovo Magra (SP) - Italia


Product description

Manufactured 100% in Italy

Intense golden yellow oil with delicate green reflections, limpido.Profumo decisive and ample, with rich vegetal hints of fresh mown grass, artichoke, cardoon and Significantly greater balsamic tones of mint and rosemary. elegant and complex flavor, with notes of lettuce, black pepper and almond. Spicy strong and bitter present and harmonic. - 0.5 lt bottle

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GAS Carrara Massa e Montignoso - Massa (MS)

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