Brawn with truffles

Brawn with truffles

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Molise Sapori

Via Mimosa,7, 86010 Ferrazzano (CB) - Italia

Product description

Manufactured 100% in Italy

Sausage slow maturation obtained from pig meat choices, which is said to have fillets and hams and enriched with black truffle High Molise. Everything is seasoned with salt and ground white pepper. The curing process is completed no earlier than 50 days to allow the product to reach optimal ripeness and guarantee an exceptional nutritional qualities. The peculiarity of the Soppressata with truffle is the shape of the wafer which has on each side a concavity more or less accentuated. Tasting, Soppressata with truffle reveals an exceptional harmony between the sweetness of the salami, typical of well-ripened products, and the delicate aroma of the black truffle. Each brawn is vacuum packed from 180 grams.

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